what causes ageing
October 15, 2020

A question that a lot of people ask is what causes aging. Well, as we get older, we start to see our skin breaking down. This breakdown can be seen on our skin as fine lines and wrinkles. But what causes this? The answer lies in the fact that as we age, there are various toxins in our body which starts to damage the cells in our body.

It is important that we look at what are our body’s sources of toxins. They come from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and even from direct exposure to sunlight. Toxins can enter the body by eating too many junk foods. Too much smoking can cause damage to the body’s skin as well. Some people have the risk of developing certain cancers due to the toxins in their body.

The skin is our largest organ and one of the first places that skin will show signs of aging is through dry skin. Dry skin is no longer elastic and can begin to sag and wrinkle. It is important that we do not use strong cleaners or soaps on our skin because they can strip away the natural oils which keeps it supple.

There are many products on the market that we can choose from for our skin. However, most of these products contain chemicals and preservatives that can do more harm to our body than good. There is a product called CynergyTK which is found in pure honey. Honey has the ability to stimulate our body’s production of collagen and elastin. This ingredient can greatly increase the elasticity of our skin and take years off our appearance.

You should also avoid taking in too much alcohol. Alcohol weakens our immune system. This makes us susceptible to diseases. Another factor you need to consider is our consumption of vitamin A and vitamin D. These vitamins are essential for proper cell function but excessive intake can actually harm the body. To maintain a healthy balance of these substances consume fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

When we are younger our bodies have a higher tolerance for water. As we age our tolerance decreases and our body becomes dehydrated. As a result, our skin dries up and looks dull. Vitamin C supplements can be taken but make sure you supplement your diet with enough foods rich in antioxidants such as strawberries, oranges, sweet potatoes, and grapefruit. These foods are also excellent source of hyaluronic acid.

There is also a natural method of combating wrinkles. It involves stimulating the body’s production of new cells. You can achieve this by eating more antioxidant-packed foods and taking in enough vitamin C. This is the most effective natural wrinkle treatment I have found. In addition to these methods you must drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and free from dryness.

So if you are looking to know what causes aging then you will be pleased to know that all of the factors here are preventable. You just need to start with a well-balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and sleep at least 8 hours each night. Don’t forget to give your skin the vitamins it needs to stay healthy and young. With the right treatment you will look and feel younger within months.

Why do some people have beautiful skin while others have skin that looks beaten up, old, and wrinkled? Some people just don’t take care of their bodies like they should. They let their diets and lifestyles go downhill. Other factors include smoking, pollution, stress, and a poor diet.

There are many things that contribute to how your skin ages. By far the best treatment is to keep your body and skin in good shape. You can do that by keeping your body hydrated and giving it the nutrients it needs to work properly. You can fight the battle against aging skin by taking in the right foods and getting plenty of exercise. Just remember to not overexert yourself. If you overwork yourself, you will damage your body and cause it to break down.

It is never too late to look younger than you really are. One important thing to remember is that the biggest battle that we have to face is from within. Our cells are responsible for repairing your body and keeping us healthy. As we age our bodies become less efficient at doing this so cells begin to die off. To make sure that your skin stays healthy and young look to the fountain of youth which is your own body.