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Shortlisted Solutions

Please find below details of all the shortlisted entrants. If you wish to find out more or get in contact with one of the solution entrants, please e-mail info@innovatingforageing.uk!


The Behavioural Insights Team – A social purpose company whose mission is to apply ideas from the behavioural sciences to real world settings. NETWORKY for Ageing aims to connect the elderly through a low-cost and accessible buddying platform that makes use of existing technologies (SMS, landlines, internet) to combat social isolation within the elderly population.

The Chatty Cafe Scheme – A scheme encouraging cafes to have a ‘Chatter & Natter’ table so that customers who want to engage with other customers can do so. The scheme aims to reduce loneliness and get people talking.

Digital Care Planning – The first spin-out company from the Helix Centre, Digital Care Planning aims to use AI-enable voice technology to help individuals and families take an active role in planning and managing their care.

Echo – Echo is an app that lets users (either patients or carers) to order NHS prescriptions and get medication delivered to the door with smart reminders to inform users when to take their medication and when they are soon to run out.

Ferret Information Systems – Ferret aims to solve the problem of take-up of means-tested benefits among the elderly by developing a system that gives advance information about benefits entitlement and evolves over time as circumstances change.

Fuss Free Phones – A mobile phone network for the elderly and those with disabilities with telephonists to help customers make calls, send text and search for information on the internet, while protecting customers from spam, scams and nuisance calls.

Morgan Ash – A model of assessing vulnerable customers in a similar way to consumers can get a credit score, so companies can measure the extent of vulnerability among its customers and therefore improve the service they provide to these people.

My Care Matters – A social enterprise established to create an online tool that collects and shares a person’s non-medical needs and preferences so they can receive dignified and tailored care when they are no longer able to engage in these conversations.

MySense – Digital health monitoring and alerting analytics platform that ingests data from a number of fixed and wearable Smart devices to understand when there is a decline in an individual’s wellbeing.

The Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) – SOLLA is creating a computer-based training programme that assists financial advisers in identifying vulnerability, understanding its impact and developing their advice practices accordingly.

Toucan – An app that lets its users share their bank balance status with a trusted friend or carer using a simple traffic light system that protects against financial abuse.

Walk With Path – Fighting against diminishing mobility and falls, Walk With Path makes mobility aids for those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s. The solutions are user-centred, hands free and intuitive to use.

Shortlisted Solutions