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About Us

Innovating for Ageing was launched by Just, with the support of the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK), in January 2018.

The project aims to identify solutions to the growing problem of vulnerability in later life by bringing together experts, innovators and groups who work to support vulnerable consumers.

Its objective is to identify and support the development of products and services that will address the challenges faced by ageing consumers at risk of vulnerability due to physical disability, illness, dementia or financial exclusion.

Innovating for Ageing responds to the increasing scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority of how financial services companies are addressing vulnerability. It has argued the market “is not serving many consumers in vulnerable circumstances consistently or well” and that “customers in vulnerable circumstances are being let down”.

We will look  beyond financial services and improve every aspect of the consumer experience for vulnerable people across all sectors and disciplines, not just financial services.

Innovating for Ageing is a solutions-based project aimed at delivering improvements to vulnerable customers’ experiences with the products and services they encounter when dealing with businesses and organisations.

To find out how to get involved or get further information please contact us as below.

T: 020 7340 0440     E: info@innovatingforageing.uk